Wedding Updates

Empty Wine Bottles

Erica Scott

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to collect about 20-25 empty wine bottles for decorations, and I'm currently short. I was just wondering if anyone had any extras they wouldn't mind donating. You can email or call me if you have any!



Erica Scott

Hey everyone!

The wedding is coming up really fast and I'm trying to get playlists together so we can have music everyone will love. If everyone could go add a couple songs to our request page here that would be very helpful!

Thanks! See you all soon!

Accommodation Update

Erica Scott

After speaking to most of you guys, a lot of you will have your own accommodations, will camp out, or want to find your own. Therefore, I won't be blocking off any specific rooms anywhere, but here's a list of hotels/motels/etc. near the wedding and please feel free to reach out to me if you need any other info or have any questions for us.

- Heron's Landing Hotel (11 minute drive) - This is where my family has booked rooms

- Ocean Resort (7 minute drive) - This is probably the closest hotel

There also seems to be quite a few AirBnB's around there which would probably work well, especially if any of you want to book together with some other guests.

And as I mentioned before, there is room for tents if you want to just camp out. Please just let me know if this is your plan so I can make sure there's room for everyone.

Accomodation Information

Erica Scott

My family has booked hotel rooms at Heron Landing's Hotel and I will call this week to try and set aside rooms that can be booked. Campbell River is pretty touristy in the summer, so I'd suggest booking ASAP to make sure you get a spot.

On the other hand, there is plenty of room for tents so if you'd prefer to camp out, that is always an option too!